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Dragons in the Garden

Dear Lydia Hope,

I bought reduced priced flowers at the grocery store for only $1.00 a bunch. I can’t wait for spring and summer when I can pick wildflowers here at the house and paint on the porch. But it was a cozy night painting with the woodstove and vase of flowers on the table – just like when you were here. I picked a lily to paint and started with the detailed pattern of markings on the inside and flushed out the petal shapes by adding water and just a little paint.

I was surprised how the flower turned out. It looked more like a reptile than a flower. It wasn’t until a few days later that I realized Chas was watching the animated series “Dragons: Race to the Edge” based off of the movie “How to Train Your Dragon” while I was painting. To be honest I think I need to change the name from “Herald” which I came up with looking at the flower and not the painting because the lily reminded me of a trumpet. I think I will rename it “Dragon in the Garden”.

Now I it feels less disjointed when I relate to this piece and I like the tension.

Love, Rachel

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The Last of the Asters

The last of the asters bloom

All but spent.

It’s been happening too fast


The oaks were brilliant

As they surrendered to fall

But I can hardly remember.

The aspens were brilliant

But I wasn’t ready to see them turn.

I try to take in the waning warmth

Left in fall


Snow dusted peaks warn.

But the present is lost


Our Goodbye.

RBrashears 2016

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Plein Air Wildflowers

I painted quickly with half my mind on my hobble mustang mare, Denali who had hopped out of sight into the trees in search of the best grass.