I’ve been fortunate enough to cowboy, guide, start horses and pack in
the Gore Range, San Juans and North Park of Colorado, the Sierras of
California, deserts and Grand Canyon of Northern Arizona and even
spend a winter with the wild ponies of Shakleford Island.

My little bay mustang, Denali and I have covered a lot of country and
learned so much together. She started me painting again inspiring me
with her personality and nobility.

My Dad is the best artist I know. He took a lot of time drawing with
me as a kid (and never let me put the sun in the upper corner of my
paper – even at five). He taught me to observe through the lens of

I currently live in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and work with my husband
Chas for San Juan Outfitting. I keep charcoal pencils, watercolors
and paper in my saddle bags often drawing and painting in the

Cowgirl  Packer  Artist


I Sell Locally In Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Pagosa Art Co-op  & Boulder Coffe Cafe




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